About The Program

How do I signup as an affiliate?

The AttractionMarketing.com affiliate program is available by application only.

You can apply to become an affiliate here: https://attractionmarketing.net/affiliate-registration/

Our affiliate program is free to join.

How much do I earn as an affiliate?

Once accepted into the affiliate program, you'll earn 40% commissions on all products within our front-end sales funnels like "Attraction Marketing Formula." Currently, we pay 40% commissions on:

  • Attraction Marketing Formula
  • Social Retail & Enrollment Blueprint

You will earn a 20% commission on "The Acceleration Coaching Program" and a 10% commission on "The Momentum Mentorship Program."

Commission will only be credited for actual cash collected from the customer. We do not pay commissions on uncollected revenue.

What is the payout schedule for commissions?

We offer a generous compensation plan.

You will be paid every two weeks

Please note that this commission schedule is subject to the terms of Affiliate Agreement.

  • All commissions are paid on the actual amounts collected. Sales become commissionable once all agreements are signed and funds are collected.
  • Attraction Marketing will revoke any commissions paid on sales that are refunded or charged back.
  • All commissions are held for 30 days before they are approved to allow for refunds. After 30 days, your commissions will be available for payment.
  • In the event that the pay date occurs on a major US holiday or over a weekend, payments will be processed on the first following business day.
  • If you are updating payment information, changes must be complete 5 days prior to the next payout date. If you are a US affiliate and update your banking/payment information, a new W-9 must be completed.
  • Commission total must reach $20.00 before commissions are paid out.

Pay periods occur within 7 days of the 4th and the 15th of each month. Below is the payout schedule for all affiliates:

Jan 4 -> Affiliates paid for Dec 1-14 sales

Jan 15 -> Affiliates paid for Dec 15-31 sales

Feb 4 -> Affiliates paid for Jan 1-14 sales

Feb 15 -> Affiliates paid for Jan 15-31 sales

Mar 4 -> Affiliates paid for Feb 1-14 sales

Mar 15 -> Affiliates paid for Feb 15-28 sales

Apr 4 -> Affiliates paid for Mar 1-14 sales

Apr 15 -> Affiliates paid for Mar 15-31 sales

May 4 -> Affiliates paid for Apr 1-14 sales

May 15 -> Affiliates paid for Apr 15-30 sales

Jun 4 -> Affiliates paid for May 1-14 sales

Jun 15 -> Affiliates paid for May 15-31 sales

Jul 4 -> Affiliates paid for Jun 1-14 sales

Jul 15 -> Affiliates paid for Jun 15-30 sales

Aug 4 -> Affiliates paid for Jul 1-14 sales

Aug 15 -> Affiliates paid for Jul 15-31 sales

Sep 4 -> Affiliates paid for Aug 1-14 sales

Sep 15 -> Affiliates paid for Aug 15-31 sales

Oct 4 -> Affiliates paid for Sep 1-14 sales

Oct 15 -> Affiliates paid for Sep 15-30 sales

Nov 4 -> Affiliates paid for Oct 1-14 sales

Nov 15 -> Affiliates paid for Oct 15-31 sales

Dec 4 -> Affiliates paid for Nov 1-14 sales

Dec 15 -> Affiliates paid for Nov 15-30 sales

*There may be up to a 3-day delay based on your bank’s policies and transfer times.

How will I be paid as an affiliate?

You must register your payment information by logging into your affiliate backoffice and then clicking on "Payment Information" or by logging in and clicking here: https://attractionmarketing.net/members/affiliate-payment-information/

After you complete the payment information form, you'll be registered in our system and paid directly from there.

We offer payouts using bank transfers and PayPal. 

NOTE: Commissions will not be paid to affiliates that fail to enter their payment information within 90 days of commissions earned.

How does tracking work for affiliates?


When a prospect clicks on your link, a cookie is placed on their browser.  If the prospect makes a purchase at that time or a later time (within 90 days), the cookie will track back to you and you will receive credit for the commission.

When the prospect visits another page on the attractionmarketing.net domain, the original affiliate id (otherwise seen as the "orid" in the affiliate link) will not appear in the address bar of the browser. Keep in mind that tracking is still working because the cookie has been written to the prospect's browser. The "orid" is no longer needed to be seen inside the address bar.

We operate on a "last-touch" policy. So if your cookie is the last one on the customer's device when they purchase, you will get the credit.

The commission is posted to your account immediately.

Please note:  If the prospect clears their cookies, uses a different browser or uses a different computer there may be no cookie to track back to you therefore the commission will not be posted to your account.  We do not have any control over this situation but if you are aware that someone purchased a product from you and you do not receive the commission, please contact support.


For back-end products like "The Acceleration Coaching Program" and "The Momentum Coaching Program", we operate on a "last-touch" policy as well.

If someone purchases "The Attraction Marketing Formula," and that person upgrades to either the "Acceleration Coaching Program" or "The Momentum Mentorship Program," you will get the credit as the referring affiliate within a 30 Day time-frame.

We pay commissions  on "Acceleration Coaching Program" or "The Momentum Coaching Program" always to the affiliate that originally brought the customer into the system within a 30 Day time period.

For example, if an affiliate brought in a customer on January 1, and the customer upgrades to "Acceleration Coaching Program" or "The Momentum Coaching Program" on January 30, that affiliate would earn a commission even if that same customer bought a different front-end product from a different affiliate.

In other words, you are protected for a 30 Day period if one of your customers upgrades.

If a customer chooses to upgrade after a 30 day time period, and that customer has not been referred by another affiliate, the original affiliate would still earn the commission. In other words, if an affiliate brought in that same customer on January 1, and the customer upgraded to "Acceleration Coaching Program" or "The Momentum Coaching Program" on July 30, that affiliate would earn a commission IF another affiliate did not bring in another sale with that customer.

Where do I find the terms of your affiliate program?

Where can I get additional support for your affiliate program?

You can reach out directly to support by going to https://attractionmarketing.com/support or you can join our Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amaffiliates

Where are my affiliate links?

Our affiliate system is based on offers that you may promote.

The offers that are available to you as an affiliate are listed on your "Affiliate Center Dashboard" (click here to access: https://attractionmarketing.net/affiliate_center/)

All products have different promotional links and can be found by selecting the different "PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE" dropdown menu on the page.

For more information on finding your links, you can see the video in the My Training area of your affiliate backoffice by clicking here

Where are the email addresses of the leads I referred?

Email addresses for leads are not available. Once a lead purchases any product, the Name & Email Address of the customer are available in the affiliate center.

Do I make commissions on my own purchases if I buy through my site?

No. The system will recognize that you are trying to purchase from your own link and the commission will be paid to the referring affiliate on your account.

What happens to my commission when someone requests a refund for their purchase?

If a customer requests a refund for their purchase, the commission will be deducted from your un-paid commissions. If the commission has already been paid, the commission will be deducted from a future commission payment.

Why didn't I get an email notification for my lead/sale?

You should receive an email notification every time someone opts in through your capture page or buys a product but that isn't always the case with today's email and spam filtering.

Also, commissions go through an approval process so please be aware that there might be a delay for commissions to be posted to your account.

You can check your "Affiliate Center Dashboard" page for opt ins and sales you have generated. https://attractionmarketing.net/affiliate_center/

I entered my information to make sure my links are working and my information didn't show up.

Our system will only count a lead once to the prospect list in your backoffice.  

If you have used your email address previously to test one of your capture page links, the lead information will not be added again.  You will need to test your links using a email address that has not been used previously.  (You can use a fake email such as [email protected])

A lead purchased a product, but I didn't get credit for it. What happened?

There are several reasons you may not get a commission that you are expecting. 

    1.  The customer’s credit card may have been declined therefore the order was never processed. 

    2. Credit is given to the affiliate with the most recent contact.  This is also referred to as a “last touch” policy which is standard practice for the affiliate industry. For example, a prospect clicked on your affiliate link last month, but never made a purchase. Then the prospect clicks on another affiliate's link yesterday and makes a purchase today.  Because the second affiliate had last contact, they would receive credit for the commission. 

    3. If they purchased a product on a payment plan, credit is given upon each successful billing.  If their card is declined for the second payment, you may not receive credit until we can get a new billing method from them and it is successfully processed.

    4. Our system uses cookies to track sales to affiliates.  If the prospect clears their cookies, uses a different browser or uses a different computer there may be no cookie to track back to you therefore the commission will not be posted to your account.  We do not have any control over this situation but if you are aware that someone purchased a product from you and you do not receive the commission, please contact support.

How many levels do you pay?

We are not a multi-level marketing company and commissions are paid on one level only.

Do you follow up with the leads I send you as an affiliate?

Yes. If you send people to a capture page using your affiliate link, our system will handle emailing them on your behalf. If the person that opted in still has a cookie on their device with your affiliate referral id, and they buy, you will get the commission.

I want my business to be paid instead of me personally, how do I change this information?

If you are a US affiliate, first make sure that your bank account is registered under your business name.

In your affiliate backoffice,  click on "Payment Information" or click here: https://attractionmarketing.net/members/affiliate-payment-information/

Follow the steps to update your information.

Will you send me a 1099 for taxes?

Yes and no.

We are required by law to report earnings and provide a 1099 for all US affiliates that earn $600 or more within the tax year.

If you are a US affiliate and earned less than $600, you will not receive a 1099 from us but you are still required to report those earnings to the IRS.  Please go to the following link for more information.


Make sure your mailing address and and tax ID information is up to date in your backoffice to avoid a delay in receiving your 1099 if one is issued.  You can update your information by going to "Payment Information" from the menu bar at the top of page .  This information is encrypted in our system and 100% secure. 

If you are an international affiliate, you will not receive any earnings or tax statements from us so it is your job to keep track of your earnings and report them as necessary for the laws in your country.

How can I join the Facebook Community for Affiliates?

You must be a current affiliate to join our Facebook Community.  You can request to be added by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/amaffiliates

What's the difference between AttractionMarketing.com and AttractionMarketing.net?

AttractionMarketing.net is the domain that affiliates are allowed to promote where we offer full affiliate tracking as explained throughout this page. AttractionMarketing.com is where your referrals will login to access their purchases. 

Links to the 5-Day Digital Recruiting Bootcamp

Here are the direct links to the 5-Day Digital Recruiting Bootcamp. NOTE: You MUST replace "xxxx" in the url with your custom orid. You can find this in any of your URLs in the Dashboard:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5


BONUS: Day 6

Emails to the 5-Day Digital Recruiting Bootcamp

Here are the direct links to the Email Series for The 5-Day Digital Recruiting Bootcamp. The emails are available in a Google Document. NOTE: The document is "View Only" so you can easily copy/paste the emails from the document into your own Autoresponder. Edit access will not be granted upon request. 

The document also contains links to all images within the emails. Feel free to download them directly or use the links in your own email autoresponder if your autoresponder supports linking images from other domains. All images are hosted on attractionmarketing.com 

What's the difference between being a Standard Affiliate and a Premier CPA Affiliate?