Want to Know What Automating Your Network Marketing Business Actually Looks Like?

Let’s Build Your A.I. Powered Automated Prospecting Machine - Together - So You Can Attract an Endless Flow of Qualified Prospects & Get Paid Even If They Don’t Join Your Team!

PLUS Once and For All, Declare Your Independence from the “Tyranny of Social Media” - Spending Endless Hours Cold Prospecting Strangers with No Results or Worry About Getting Banned or Censored!

Sept 8th - 10th, 2023

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Sept 8th - 190th, 2023
duration: 3 days

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Dear AttractionMarketing.com Member,

Believe it or not, I’ve actually been ‘deplatformed’ by 2 different social media platforms over the past 15 years!

And it happened after growing an audience of over 500,000 home business owners world wide!

YUP! I Lost an Audience of Over 500,000 Followers

It’s TRUE!

Yet each time I got deplatformed, my business ACTUALLY GREW without disruption or losing my audience.  

While getting deplatformed seems to be a relatively new phenomenon in 2023…

It’s actually an issue network marketers have been dealing with LONG before Facebook, Instagram and others were even a blip on the radar.

From 2005-2009, I was generating 10-20 leads per day from MySpace when I first started building my network marketing business online.

At the same time, from 2007-2009, I organically built a 6-figure business and massive following of 500k on a now DEFUNCT social media network you’ve probably never heard of!  

I would generate as many as 70 leads per day - organically from this niche social network.

In 2009, Facebook overtook MySpace as the biggest social network in the world and MySpace became a ghost town.

That same year, the niche social network I dominated started going into decline and soon after went out of business.

Here’s the kicker…

My Businesses Kept Doubling in Size Every Time I Got Deplatformed!

In 2009, my business went from 6-figures to Multiple 6-Figures! Huh?

In 2010, my 6-figure income doubled again - without any organic strategies -  and even started enrolling 7-figure earners onto my team from other companies WITHOUT prospecting any of them.

They reached out to me, because they wanted in on the systems I had created!

In 2012, my business grew to 7-figures while having almost no social media presence.

I had pretty much given up on “being consistent” on social media!

Yet by 2015 my business was now at multiple 7-figures per year, which as of today has generated over $45MM in business income.

The Anti-Fragile Networker Thrives, When the Worst Happens!

There’s a term “anti-fragile” which is used to describe systems, businesses and communities that actually thrive when the worst fears of other similar systems, businesses and communities become reality.

Losing 500,000 social media followers would probably be the worst fear for most influencers, right?

It would completely destroy their ability to earn an income!

For me, as I described, it caused me to double down on an automated building strategy that I always had going for me, that to this day attracts hundreds of prospects and dozens of customers per day on auto-pilot.

It’s also something we’ve taught to over 1,000 digital networkers like you who built 6, 7 and 8-figure home businesses in and outside of network marketing.

My mentor and business partner, Tim, actually taught me how to build these “Automated Prospecting Machines” which he called a “Self Liquidating Lead Generation Funnel”.

What is a Self Liquidating Lead Generation Funnel?

Well, the “funnel” part, if you don’t know, is an automated online sales process, which does the telling and selling for you on auto-pilot.

The “lead generation” part kinda speaks for itself… this funnel is designed to attract an endless supply of qualified leads/prospects to your business.

The “self liquidating” part is even more fun as we show our students how to make money from those prospects, even if they don’t join your team!

And with all the craziness around deplatforming, anti-trust cases and networkers getting banned from certain social networks...

Why wouldn’t you want to have a system…

  • That doesn’t require you to spend hours on social media per day…
  • That eliminates the need to network or prospect…
  • That attracts highly qualified prospects to you on auto-pilot…
  • That helps you make money even if your prospects don’t join you…

And it will do this all day, every day and night while you sleep too!

Does That Mean You Should Stop Social Media Marketing?!

NO! Don’t get me wrong, I think social media marketing is where all Digital Network Marketers should start - as I did and as most of our students do.

This type of experience will help you develop vital communication skills, which are actually quite essential for leading a team and actually help you with automating your business using funnels.

However, if you see yourself as a Leader and want to grow as big as possible with as much leverage and time freedom as possible…

Then it’s finally time for YOU to learn the exact ANTI-FRAGILE automated strategy we have utilized over 17 years to thrive, which still less than 0.01% of network marketers are utilizing!

How to Use A.I. to Make Building Automated Funnels Simple and Easy!

And now, A.I. is putting everything we have been teaching our students on steroids!

For the first time, we will be teaching you how to use A.I. to make this process as easy as possible, especially for newbies and techno-phobes.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence tools like ChatGPT, Bard, and countless others tools have made building funnels, writing ads, creating videos and crafting the components your funnels SUPER SIMPLE!

This Ultimate A.I. Funnel and Automation Workshop on Sept 8th - 10th, 2023, led by myself, Ferny Ceballos, the Attraction Marketing Team and our most successful students will help you build your own automated self liquidating lead generation funnel - step by step - in 1 weekend using A.I.

This is how you will THRIVE when others are freaking out about losing accounts, getting banned or burning out on an unsustainable social media strategy.

And here’s the best news, you can be a part of this training for only $97 registration fee.

This event is coming FAST, we have limited spots so you gotta register right now!

It’s a bright new day for Attraction Marketers and YOU ARE on the cutting edge!

Here's How The 3 Days Will Unfold...

Day 1 - Friday - sept 8th 

Introduction to Self Liquidating Lead Generation Funnels

On Day 1, we will teach you the fundamentals of what a funnel is, how it works, and how it can help you automate the attraction of new interested and qualified prospects, so you can grow your email list audience and even automate your sales as well!

You Will Learn...

  • The Secret to Getting Perfect Strangers to Cough Up Their Contact Information to You and Allows You to Build a Relationship With Them, Without Talking to Them
  • How It’s Possible to Have a Simple 2 Page Website with a Total of 7 Sentences to Generate 100+ Leads and Dozens of Customers per Day, Which Blows Away the Performance of Any MLM Company Website
  • Get the Exact 2-3 Minute Video Script We Use to Convert Over 20-40% of Our Leads Into Paying Customers, Which You Can Replicate for Any Retail Product You Sell

Day 2 - Saturday -  Sept 9th

The Most Important Million Dollar Funnel Copywriting Skills

On Day 2, you will be learning & putting into action some of the latest social media trends, that can get your content viewed by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people for FREE!

You will learn...

  • Discover the #1 Most Important Sentence of Copy In Your Entire Funnel and How to Get It Right, So You Convert 40% or more of Your Visitors Into Leads!
  • How to Write Attention Grabbing Titles and Headlines That Will Give You an Unfair Advantage with Every Form of Content You Create Online & Frustrate Your Competitors
  • Learn the Complete 7-Figure Ad Story Formula We and Our Most Successful Students Have Used to Create Million Dollar Annual Incomes, Which Eliminates the Need for Prospecting, Networking or Being “Fake Social”

Day 3 - Sunday - sept 10th

Supercharge Your Results & Efficiency with A.I.

On Day 3, after you’ve learned everything you need to know about funnel building, copywriting and advertising - like all our 7-figure students have learned - we’re gonna introduce some awesome A.I. tools that will boost the results of your funnels and free up your time!

  • We’ll Give You the Exact A.I. Prompts We Use on ChatGPT and Other Tools to Write the Best Ads, Headlines, Video Scripts, Emails and More!
  • How to Create High Quality and Insightful Video Content, Sales Videos & Presentations in Your Voice, Without You Saying a Word or Opening Your Mouth!
  • Get a Complete List of ALL the A.I. Tools We Use and the Ones We Don’t, So You Can Eliminate the Frustration and High Cost of Testing Different Tools & Subscriptions.
  • PLUS, Tim Erway Will Be Building an Entire Self Liquidating Lead Generation Funnel Before Your Eyes in 30 Minutes!

Your Trainers...

Ferny Ceballos

Tim Erway

J.T. DeBolt

Bec Sadek

Bec Sadek

Helen Martin

Helen Martin

Saralynn Bonness

Saralynn Bonness

Jenn Goodall

Jenn Goodall

Matt Crystal

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6:00 PM - 10:00 PM ET


SEPT 9th

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SEPT 10th

11:00 AM - 6:00 PM ET



Register by thursday august 18th, 2023

Weekly Intimate Group Coaching Mastermind with Ferny CEballos

For the first 40 AI Funnel Workshop ticket holders, Ferny will be hosting a weekly group coaching & mastermind session where he will personally review the work you are currently doing inside of your coaching program. This mastermind will be held weekly every Friday leading up to the event!

Normally, only clients who have invested at least $20,000+ have the opportunity for this type of direct 1-on-1 coaching opportunity with Ferny, but if you are one of the first ticket holders, you’ll get it for FREE!

You’ll be able to submit the following for review by Ferny:

  • Videos for Content
  • Videos for Ads
  • Video Scripts
  • Written Copy for Posts or Ads
  • Pretty much anything you can publish on social media!

($15,000  Value)


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