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Over 3 Days, You’ll Learn Every Possible Way to Attract Highly Interested Prospects While Spending As Little OR As Much Time on Social Media As You Want and Effortlessly Enroll Customers & Team Members!

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June 9th - 11th, 2023

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What Is The Attract, Influence & Enroll Summit?

This ain’t your typical over-hyped ra-ra fest…

The Attract, Influence and Enroll Summit is the only workshop-style event in network marketing, where we will personally work with you for 3 powerful days to help you unlock the unfair hypnotic recruiting advantage of a top earner, without having to learn how to sell, memorize scripts, handle objections or doing any of the stuff you hate about network marketing.

This event will be curriculum based, with you working alongside our attraction marketing mentors and collaborating with your peers as you put together your digital network marketing blueprint, social media assets and launch strategy.

Previously, all previous Attraction Marketing Workshops were reserved only for students who invested $10,000 per event for us to work with them 1-on1 in a hands on, curriculum based event.

But after watching way too many networkers struggle during the past few years to gain traction with ineffective and spammy ‘copy/paste’ social media tactics taught by old school trainers who have never used them…

Dear Friend,

In my first year in network marketing, there was ONE BIG THING that frustrated me more than the usual things people struggle with…

Now I totally hated and struggled with all those things you’re probably thinking of…

  • Making a list of 100 friends and family
  • And sending cryptic & deceptive “Invite” text messages to them!
  • Doing home meetings and home parties at my mom’s house (pre-pandemic)
  • Driving to hotel meetings and other people’s homes to show the plan
  • Constantly getting no-showed!
  • Friends & family getting IN MY FACE talking crap about my business
  • Having to cold prospect waiters, waitresses, bartenders and at parties
  • And sending copy/paste spam messages on social media too!

All that sucked, but I thought it was just what I had to do to be successful, so I did it anyway even though I HATED IT!

But the ONE BIG THING which caused me to lose complete faith in old school methods - and start looking for a better way - finally came to a head when I had attended EVERY company conference, team regional event, conference call, home meeting, webinar and in-person training my company or team offered.

I finally had to admit to myself…

This is All “RA-RA”, Hype and No Substance

No one was willing to be honest with me about what building a 6-figure business actually takes. Plus...

“Where are all the business skills, systems and training I was supposed to be getting?”

When I first joined, I was told I’d be plugging into a “proven business system”, but all I got was a lot of motivation, ra-ra and even religion… but no system.

"When I asked about the skills I need to build a big business, they just kept saying…

  • “This business is easy. You just gotta talk to more people and bring them to meetings!”
  • “It’s NOT selling, it’s sharing. Just share with more people.”
  • “Your just one person away from blowing this up”
  • “This is a numbers game. The more people you talk to, the more you’ll recruit”
  • “Just follow our proven business system and you’ll be successful”

System?! What system!?

I Wasn’t Being Told the Truth...

The ONE BIG THING which wasn’t adding up was that I was being told that I could build a 6-figure and above team, without really having to develop any new skills or learn anything other than “find more people”.

Yet in every other profession in the world, people are asked to learn some serious skills, especially if they want to break the 6-figure mark.

Some harder than others, but you still gotta go to school - figuratively and/or literally!

And I was willing to study, read, practice, learn and DO anything they put in front of me to be successful.

I had done it in my previous career as an aerospace engineer, so I didn’t mind hard work, as long as there was a pay off at the end.

Yet for some reason, through blatant omission, what was being communicated to me was that big success in network marketing was THE one exception to the laws of business and success.

Yup, Success in Network Marketing Simply Defied the Laws of Business & Success - “No Special Skills Required to Earn 6-Figures”!

Such a pile of… 💩

I finally got fed up with the BS and was about to quit!

I don’t mind hard work, but I just didn’t want to be treated like a child anymore.

I went online, now with my eyes wide open, about all the network marketing failure stories of people that had been bullshitted just like I had been.

I was getting angrier and angrier...

But then as I was Googling more stuff about the massive failure rate in network marketing, I saw a listing for a website about network marketing, but looked so different from all others.

It was by no means an “anti-MLM” website, but it was also calling out the BS tactics taught by the grand majority of leaders and offered to teach networkers A NEW WAY to grow my network marketing business online, without having to do ALL the things I listed above!

For the first time someone was actually speaking to me like an adult!

It said plainly…

“Every Person Who’s Ever Built a Big Business in this Profession Mastered a 6-Figure Skill!"

But here was the kicker, “Most leaders are not willing to tell you how hard it is to build the old school way, because they are afraid everyone will quit, so they lie!"

More importantly, this website offered me the opportunity to enter into a training course, which would teach me a little known alternative to old school methods, which…

  • Didn’t require me to talk to anymore friends and family
  • Didn’t require me to do home meetings and home parties
  • Didn’t require me to go to hotel meetings or to other people’s homes
  • Didn’t require me to tolerate no shows
  • Didn’t require me to deal with rejection or negative people
  • Didn’t require me to prospect strangers and...
  • Didn’t require me to send spam messages to friends & strangers on social media

But this didn’t mean that I was being offered something for nothing.

Far from it.

I simply was no longer being asked to perform the painful, inefficient and archaic acts of old school network marketing!

A Powerful New Way to Build in the 21st Century and Become a True Digital Network Marketer

Instead of Prospecting and Chasing, I Learned to Use Carefully Crafted Content to ATTRACT People in My Target Market Who were Positive & Interested in What I Was Offering…

Instead of Rapport Building & Inviting to Meetings, I Learned to Quickly Build Authority, INFLUENCE and Trust Using the Million Dollar Skill of COPYWRITING with a Large Network of People I Attracted...

Instead of Presenting, Objection Handling & Recruiting, I Simply ENROLLED Those Who Raised Their Hand After I Had Built Influence & Trust With!

And Instead of Endless Hype, Ra-Ra & Motivation, I was Finally Given a True Business System - an ATTRACTION MARKETING SYSTEM - for Building Online While Getting My Life Back and Be a Normal Person Around Loved Ones Again!

Within 2 years of finding Attraction Marketing, I was able to quit my job as an Aerospace Engineer and became a top earner in a new opportunity without cold prospecting a single person.

Within 4 years, I had built one of the largest residual income checks in my opportunity, after having attracted & enrolled two 7-figure leaders into my organization.

And more recently, I’ve helped my mentors take the exact training system that got me started into a global attraction marketing training company with the mission of rescuing other networkers from almost certain failure and disappointment.


The Attract, Influence and Enroll Summit

After over 15 years of mastering digital network marketing and helping literally thousands of networkers bring their businesses into the modern era… there are still TOO MANY people in this profession struggling to get traction.

The same lies, myths and half-truths I was told over 15 years ago are still being perpetuated by almost every leader in every company and bought into - hook, line and sinker - by network marketers worldwide!

Recently, my Attraction Marketing Team and I decided that we needed to GO DEEP on all the different ways there are to ATTRACT PROSPECTS ONLINE and empower network marketers with the ability to quickly adapt and LEVERAGE THE LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA TRENDS AND WAYS TO ATTRACT WITHOUT SOCIAL MEDIA TOO!

And cutting the ramp up time needed to learn these skills by doing it all in a 3 day workshop was the best way to do it!

So on June 9th - 11th, 2023, we are hosting an ENCORE of our annual Attract, Influence and Enroll VIRTUAL Summit which is a workshop-style event, where my team, our most successful students and I will personally work with you for 3 powerful days to help you unlock the secrets behind building your social influence machine!

This event will be curriculum based and you will be working side by side with your peers in the Attraction Marketing Community! Our mantra will be NO ONE LEFT BEHIND!

Here's How The 3 Days Will Unfold...

Pillar 1

The Foundational Principles of Attraction & Fastest Way to Attract Prospects to You

On Day 1, we will teach you the foundational skills of “attraction copywriting” so you can turn any new piece of content you release into a powerful audience attraction ad while simultaneously building trust and influence with your current followers!

You Will Learn...

  • Discover How to Craft Your Short Videos And Social Content To Create Instant Bond Between You And Your New Prospects.
  • How To Covertly Tap Into The Core Desires Of Your Most Ideal Prospects, So They Will Be Jumping Over Each Other Want What You Have.
  • Discover the Absolute Fastest Way to Start Attraction Your Ideal Prospects, Which DOES NOT Require Any Previous Tech or Social Media Experience.
  • How to Find the Most Profitable Content Modality (Text, Pics, Video, etc.) for Your Personality (Introverted or Extroverted) So You Can Find the Right Attraction Strategy for YOU!
  • Why Learn “Ad Copywriting” is a Skill ALL Digital Networkers Should, Even If You Never Plan on Using Paid Ads, To Make Your Content Magnetic.

Pillar 2

How to Passively Attract Your Perfect Prospects Using the Hottest Social Trends

On Day 2, you will be learning & putting into action some of the latest social media trends, that can get your content viewed by hundreds, thousands or even millions of people for FREE!

You will learn...

  • Learn to Use TikTok To Attract Prospects and Turn Them Into Dozens of Customers per Month on Auto-Pilot, Even If Your Videos Never Go Viral.
  • How to Duplicate FB and IG Reel Content Strategy Throughout Your Team, Which Will Explode Your Team Sales Volume & Residual Income.
  • A Simple Way Repurpose Micro Video Content Across 4 Social Networks to Maximize the Reach of Every Piece of Content You Create.
  • How to Rank Videos on YouTube and Google for Any Keyword You Want Within 24 Hours and Passively Attract Red Hot Prospects for FREE Longterm!
  • Discover a Simple Hidden Feature for Attracting NEW Prospects Using FB Lives on Your Fanpage, Even If Your Current Social Engagement Sucks.

Pillar 3

How to Automate the Attraction of Targeted Prospects WITHOUT “Being Social” on Social Media

On Day 3, after you’ve learned every possible way to attract organically using social media, I’ll reveal the attraction strategies we use to attract prospects, customers and team members while hardly ever spending any time on social media.

You will learn...

  • Discover the Compounding Growth That Can Happen When Combining Organic & Paid Ad Strategies to Grow Your Email List and Social Following FAST!
  • The #1 Source Of Leads And Customers That Our Students Have Used For 8 Years To Automate Enrollments & Grow Massive Brands on Social Media.
  • How to Advertise Freely on YouTube Without Having to Worry About Compliance, Income Claims or Common Restrictions on Other Ad Platforms.
  • Learn the 7-Figure Story Ad Copywriting Formula That We Use on Both Facebook and YouTube Ads That Will Take the Guesswork Out of Creating High Converting Ads
  • How to Passively Attract Prospects OUTSIDE of Advertising on Any Social Network, Which Generates Leads and Prospects for Us Everyday

Your Trainers

Ferny Ceballos

Automate Your Recruiting

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J.T. Debolt


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Facebook Reels

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Vincenzo Sannipoli

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Helen Martin

Curiosity Posting

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Mike & Carla Shaw


Jenn Goodall

Warm Market Social Launch

Saralynn Bonness

Sarylynn Kate

Find Your Perfect Prospect

Michael Angel Martin

FB Ads for Recruiting

Matt Zavadil

Matt Zavadil

Search Engine Marketing

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Only 125 0 Virtual Spots Available

aie summit

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