Boot Camp: Day 10
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How To Recruit and Sell with 'Words' and Other Tricks of Conversions
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"Words are the most powerful drug used by mankind."

- Rudyard Kipling, English Author and Poet
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Today I'm going to share with you a little bit of the most important skill any marketer can learn. As you will read in the Attraction Marketing Formula, copywriting is said to be THE million dollar skill.

Short of public speaking, this has the potential if earning you the lifestyle of your dreams if you learn and utilize it correctly.

And even in public speaking, the psychology involved in engaging an audience is almost the same as the ability to engage a reader. You will find that some of the best public speakers are also phenomenal writers -- copywriters to be exact.

Throw whatever your 9th grade english teacher taught you about writing an essay out the window. Here you will be rewarded handsomely for writing the way you speak.

Awesome, huh?
The Power of YOU
Simply put, the most powerful word in sales is YOU. For every 'I' you write in your sales letter or presentation, there should be 10 YOU's.

I don't care how cool your story is or how well it ties into your product, you have to be able to tell it as if your reader was living it for him or herself.

The idea is to be focused on your prospect's needs.
Creating Images
One very powerful technique in sales is to write in a descriptive way, so that your reader has no choice but to draw images in their head. The benefit of this is two-fold:
  1. Your reader becomes engaged, enjoys reading and therefore will continue reading.
  2. Your reader will put themselves in the middle of what you are describing. It's like trying on your product in their head, before they buy.
Using Power Words
Along with using descriptive language and invoking images, the specific words you use are also important. Here's a sample of just a few power words, as well as examples on how to use use them:

How To






The secret
to using power words in your copy is to use adverbs before your verbs and adjectives before the noun. (Get short english lesson here, in case you forgot what a verb and noun was...)
Combining Power Words to Influence Your Prospects
Simply put, you can now start combining these power words into persuasive copy to influence people closer to becoming a customer or new rep for your business.

This will be very helpful, especially when writing your headlines, sub-headlines and bullets.

Here are a few examples of attention grabbing headlines (hypotheticals):
Discover the Secret Method I Used To Create $104,405.45 in 30 days and Show You How To Easily Create the Same Six Figure Cash Cow Over and Over Again, On Demand for Life

The Surprising Secrets To Go From Being Tired & Overweight, To Easily Sculpting A New Fit and Healthy You

How To Get Thin, Fit & Healthy By Tapping Into Your Subconscious and Never Consciously Have To Think About It Dieting, Weightloss & Watching What You Eat Ever Again

Learn Our 5 Point Success Formula To Guarantee That You Profit Within The First 7 Days of Using Our System

These are just examples I came up using formulas from various pieces I've filed away in my swipe file. Feel free to use these formulas, but don't copy verbatim to avoid copyright issues.

I'm sure you're imagination can come up with many more examples and come up with creative power words I haven't even thought of yet.
You've Graduated From Your 10-Day Attraction Marketing Bootcamp, So Here's What You Get...
Crack open a bottle of your favorite beverage and celebrate. When you are done with your happy times, come back to this point. [party break]

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