Day 4

Building the Most Valuable Asset You’ll Ever Own

And How to Build Influence En Masse Without Talking to Prospects

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And How to Build Influence En Masse Without Talking to Prospects

Hey there!

Yesterday we talked about the 3 Proven Ways to Attract Prospects and how important specificity around problems and desires in your messaging is.

Well, the requirement around specificity is no different when it comes to influence, because you’re still here to speak to the problems of your target market, but now they are part of your following (i.e. audience, list, community, new warm market, etc.).

When building influence, just remember that this is a continuation of the relationship that began with what you did to attract… an opportunity to take things to the next level.

The thing to remember is at this point of transition, you already DO have influence… but it is fragile and you can easily undo all the work you did to earn their curiosity and interest..

Does this mean you can’t make an offer right away? It may or may not.

After all, when you subscribed to this Digital Recruiting Video Series, you probably immediately saw an opportunity to invest in the Attraction Marketing Formula course, which is for those that are ready to move into action and open to investing more deeply in themselves.

Whether that is you or not, doesn’t matter… You are still here reading or watching this training, which I appreciate and I am honored to serve you either way.

And even though we made an offer, we immediately followed up with value and content.

And if you haven’t yet invested with us… it’s ok. It simply means you’d like to learn a little more about how I can help you, before you take that next step.

What is Influence?

And ultimately, that is what influence is…

Demonstrating to people you can help them by actually helping them!

Demonstrating to people you can help them by actually helping them is also Leadership!

People follow leaders who are in a position to improve their lives. That means in a position to help them solve their problems.

Think of any politician you ever liked and whom you voted for. Why did you vote for him or her?

Because you thought he could make the world you live in a bit better and deal with some problems.

Think of all the different people of influence you follow. Why do you follow and listen to them?

Because they are probably sharing information and offering products that you believe may actually help solve some of your problems - in business or life.

Your job in this stage of the game is to provide content and/or information that is insightful, actionable, motivational and useful.

Improve someone’s life (even in a small way) and they will grow to know, like and trust you.

Most importantly - in the context of the network marketing profession - view you as an authority or expert who’s recommendations they will trust in.

You only need to know a little more than your prospects do currently, but you also need to commit to increasing your value by investing in skill development & knowledge, so the pool of people you can help gets bigger and your ability to build influence with them grows!

That’s how we can help.

A Lesson in Timing

And hopefully, you’ve gotten value from this training series.

If I've earned your trust and even view me as someone that can help you as it relates to this subject matter even just a little bit, I’m honored and humbled that you’re still reading or watching this.


My intention with this Digital Recruiting Bootcamp Video Series is to provide you with insight and understanding around your situation, which will motivate you to consider working more closely with us here at, as hundreds of thousands of networkers have done before you.

For some of you, the urgent need and desire will arise to want to work directly with me and my team, as soon as possible. For others, you’re good at observing from afar with caution as you might not be in a hurry to build your business to a significant level yet, but you might still be intrigued.

In either case, I’m glad you’re here.

This is the Influence stage and the timing for when someone is ready to take the next step with you will be different for everyone.

The more you focus on adding value, the more frequently the timing will be right for your perfect prospects to take the next step with you! (i.e. buy or join you)

There are ONLY 3 ways to build influence in an actionable way, which rhymes with what you learned yesterday.

What are they?

You guessed it!

In an Active, Leveraged and Automated.

Active Influence

Active Influence is continuing Social Engagement with your audience or followers, which is an investment of your time to build relationships.

If you’re on social media, this is through commenting, messenger convos, calls and even video chats.

What do you do during these engagements?

Simple, be curious and ask questions… lots of questions. Make them feel like the most interesting person in the world.

Because at that point and time, they should be! You want to see if they are someone you are in a position to help.

When connecting with people in your target market, the likelihood is high that you can help them, but don’t make assumptions and actually ask them questions to understand their problems and desired outcomes.

Then share free value, free insight and yes even free solutions that can help them!

Your paid solution will likely always be the best option, but see how you can help them today and lead by making recommendations.

Is it appropriate at this point to offer your solution? It may or may not be, but well I’ll get to that tomorrow, so hold that thought.

However, if you are new to Attraction Marketing and have been brainwashed by your upline to prospect everyone with a pulse and get them to a meeting or a 3 way or a prospecting FB group, then you probably want to focus on giving first to balance your karma and create the habit of service.

Deprogramming yourself from constantly thinking about “what to say to your prospect to get them to a presentation about your product or opportunity” is actually a great first step, if you are afflicted with this type of toxic programming, as I once was.

As my mentor, Mike Dillard says, “Give without want, before you can have”.

Leveraged Influence

The next way to build influence is something that is first earned through active attraction and influence building activity.

Content Marketing isn’t just for Attraction. Content that is shared to your audience as a group, is Leveraged Influence.

Like when I do a FB Live and a bunch of people show up live and a bunch others watch the replay, that is a leveraged way for me to build influence by adding value.

Reels, TikToks, Written posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, etc… can also be used to build influence.

I do it once, but many many people are going to see it now or later.

Initially, your audience won’t be big (or even non-existent). That’s ok, this is your opportunity to practice.

Over time, if you are CONSISTENT and ORGANIZED, your active attraction and influence building through your content will build into more leverage, so what you do today, will matter tomorrow.

If you stop creating content & adding value or if you’re inconsistent, your influence will begin to wane.

If that sounds exhausting to you, then that usually tells me there’s a misalignment between your passions and your business somewhere. Any business will take daily and consistent effort, which requires passion.

If you aren’t enjoying yourself, it’s going to be very hard to be consistent. I love Attraction Marketing, because I enjoy and look forward to supporting my community and team every day.

But also, after doing Active and Leveraged Influence activities it becomes exciting to learn on ways to support more and more people with even more leverage and enjoyment.

Especially if you’re an introvert like me. ;-)

Automated Influence

Allow me to introduce you to Automated Influence, which is something that is built & earned.

This is an automated sequence of content that you create, which every new follower of yours will see automatically!

What’s happening right now is an example of this. This video series is content I wrote or recorded once, but that every new subscriber gets to experience today!

The most common way (but not only way) this is made possible is through a “Funnel”, which is a value-based sales process which starts with a “Optin Page”, on which an offer for something valuable is made, in exchange for contact information.

You participated in this type of transaction, which then got you here.

And the content is delivered via automated emails, which is how you are receiving this daily piece of content, which I hope you do appreciate and find valuable.

This email sequence you design may also include previously recorded social media content that is shared with every new subscriber, so that your past content may live on to help people in the future.

And finally, this strategy also allows you to email EVERYONE on your email list in real-time to alert them about something new, which includes announcing that you are about to do a LIVE training on social media and encouraging them to set aside the time to attend.

The leverage created here as you can see is pretty incredible.

When I first got started with Attraction Marketing, I created a funnel that had a sequence of 90 days of automated valuable content that I had produced over time, but served to build influence with tens of thousands of people, thereafter.

As I created new content for my current audience, I added it to the sequence for future subscribers.

How I Thrived After Losing a Social Audience of 500,000

Speaking to a Live Audience at One of Our Live Training Events

During this time, I also had built up a social following of over 500,000 people that I earned through engagement and valuable content (i.e. active & leveraged attraction & influence).

And I always gave my followers on social media the opportunity to join my email list, which many of them did.

In fact, I made it worth their while to join my list as I offered a training series, similar to this one as an incentive.

So when that social network went into decline and went out of business, I didn’t sweat it because my most loyal and hardcore followers were on my email list and my relationships with that list continued!

My ability to communicate with my warm market was not impacted, because I controlled the medium through which I communicated with them.

My LIST & my relationship with that list is the most valuable asset I’ll ever own. And so will yours, one day.

I can’t tell you how many times someone I previously never met or spoke to, gets to talk to me for the first time after having been in our community for weeks or months and say to me, “Wow Ferny. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you. I feel like I already know you.”

And they are nervous and excited for the opportunity to speak to me. I smile every time as I am humbled but also grateful for the leverage these skills I’ve worked to develop have created for me in building relationships with people I previously had never spoken to.

When was the last time a prospect was nervous and excited about speaking to you for the first time?

If never… it’s ok. We’ll get there.

I have no special human abilities that you don’t.

That is the magic that happens when you do Attraction Marketing.

People don’t enroll with you because you’re great at closing, objection handling or follow up.

They enroll because they believe you can help them, as a result of the value you’ve led with and the skills they know you can impart on them.

When you’ve built enough trust, influence and authority to earn their business, this is what makes the invite and enrollment process effortless, which is exactly what I’ll walk you through tomorrow.

To get serious about designing your influence building machine, there’s much more to learn via the Attraction Marketing Formula course!

Click here to grab your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula!

It’s been read by over 100,000 networkers who have chosen to leave the world of prospecting behind and choose to passively attract, influence and enroll their perfect prospects.

As you will see tomorrow, with Traditional Recruiting… The enrollment process (i.e. closing, objection handling & follow-up) is the hardest part to do well.

With Attraction Marketing, as I just mentioned, enrollment is actually the easiest part!

You’ll see…

Talk soon!

Ferny Ceballos

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