Day 5

How to Effortlessly Enroll Your Perfect Prospect

And the Million Dollar Skill Which Makes Automation Possible

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And the Million Dollar Skill Which Makes Automation Possible

Hey there! I have good news!

At this point in your Attraction Marketing journey, the most important part of the Attract, Influence and Enroll process is already done!

Enrollments are how you know whether or not you’re winning at the game of Attraction Marketing, but the real work was done in the first 2 stages!

As Peter Drucker once wrote, “The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.”

BTW, I had to look up “superfluous” when I first read this quote. It means “unnecessary”. ;-)

Everything we’ve done up to this point has indeed been ‘marketing’.

Attraction Marketing to be exact.

And the “product” when doing Attraction Marketing, if you haven’t guessed it already, has never been your network marketing company or your company’s product.

This whole time, it’s been YOU!


YOU are your business. Your RELATIONSHIP with your list is your business. Not your network marketing company, not your downline and not their product.

Those things are just the vehicle that allows you to make money and monetize the value of your relationship with your friends, followers and list subscribers.

People don’t join network marketing companies, they join their sponsor and their team.

If you’ve served your audience well as you’ve been instructed, your prospects will buy or join whatever you recommend.

And by the time you have them on a call with you, “selling”, “closing”, “objection handling”, etc. become ‘superfluous’. (You see, I can learn to use new words too! LOL)

When you invite someone to take a look at something - a product or opportunity - they can say YES to YOU, on the EXACT same day that they would say NO to someone else promoting the exact same product or network marketing company.

To a stranger cold prospecting them, they are running the other direction.

With you, they are leaning in looking forward to the opportunity to speak with you about your recommendations to address their problems.

See the difference?

And while the heavy lifting has been done, there’s still some things I recommend you do to reinforce their commitment to making a change in their lives.

If you’ve done an effective job, people should be already 70 - 90% bought in. Your job is to close the 10-30% gap and motivate them to take their investment very seriously!

Enrolling isn’t enough, they gotta be committed!

And there are 3 ways to do this…

Active Inviting and Enrolling

As you might have guessed already, ‘active’ inviting and enrolling is a 1 on 1 activity.

The invite is simple.

It’s an invitation to explore how you might be able to help your prospect on a deeper level to solve their problem.

Your prospect consuming your content will always only get pieces of the bigger puzzle and purchasing the offer from you will almost always be better than anything they can do on their own without having made that investment.

The opportunity to speak with you at this point will be seen as the opportunity to get further clarity on solutions and get personalized support.

Once you have them on a call or a video chat (like Zoom), your job is to lead something we call an “Enrollment Conversation”.

In our coaching programs, I have in depth training on how these are conducted but here are the cliff notes:

  1. You must come into the call from a place of curiosity & service.
  2. You must spend way more time asking questions than talking.
  3. You want to ask questions intended to understand their problems and desired outcomes on a deep level.

The more clear someone’s answers are, the more motivated they will be to do something to change their situation.

Because you’re talking to people in your target market, most of their answers shouldn’t come as a surprise and you’ll, most of the time, be prepared with what that recommendation might look like with perhaps a few customizations for the individual.

The solution will fit the prospect so well, it will make selling ‘superfluous’. (Again, there’s that word!)

What also makes selling ‘superfluous’ is the relationship you’ve cultivated with your prospect.

And this isn’t just about closing the easy deal.

What you’re also doing during an enrollment convo and why you’re asking so many questions is also to QUALIFY!

Clear answers from the prospect likely means they are clear on their issues and motivated to do something about it (i.e. enroll)

If the prospect’s answers seem apathetic or they struggle to define their problems or goals or if getting answers from them is like pulling teeth, they might not be a fit and might be a huge pain to deal with, if they do an up enrolling.

Do not be afraid to challenge your prospect’s motivation if you notice this. Remember, you are the leader.

Hold off on talking about your products or solutions closer to the end, until you have verified that they are a fit and you can help them.

After you’ve gotten all the answers you need and make your recommendations, the prospect might have questions and it’s ok to answer them, but they shouldn’t have too many.

At this point, if you’ve done all 3 steps of the Attract, Influence and Enroll process effectively and they are qualified…

The only objection might be a genuine money objection where they might struggle to be able to afford the product or enrollment fee.

You’ll notice these folks will be open to getting your help in figuring out what might be possible given their finances, as opposed to the “I can’t afford it” smoke & mirrors objection and then they ghost you.

In the beginning, enrollment conversations are an excellent opportunity for you to practice communication skills and understand your prospects on a deeper level.

However, as you can imagine, it can be time intensive and eventually you’ll want and need to do something that has more leverage.

Leveraged Inviting & Enrollment

Leveraged Inviting is simply announcing an invitation to attend an event to your audience.

The type of event and your influence with them will determine what % of your audience responds to your invite.

The “event” will be a Leveraged Enrollment Conversation a.k.a. Live Group Sales Presentation.

More Students Receiving Their 6 & 7-Figure Belt Awards

Your experience doing enrollment conversations and any previous sales experience comes in handy here.

There are varying levels of group sales sophistication, (i.e. the sales psychology & persuasion skills required to be effective).

If the presenter has a higher level of influence over the audience, the less sophisticated the sales presentation needs to be. They point, people buy. LOL

On the other hand, if the individual presenting has little to no relationship with the audience the more sophisticated the presentation needs to be.

A highly influential individual can probably influence many people to buy something in a group format (like a FB Live talking head video without slides) by simply giving a short explanation as to the benefits of a certain product, recommending they buy it and telling them where to buy it.

When you get to the point when you have a team and they are referring their prospects to some kind of online event you are hosting to learn more about what you offer, then you might want to start exploring up-leveling your group sales presentation skills, since you won’t have a strong relationship with many of these prospects.

These types of “Direct Response Sales Presentations” can offer you and your team a lot of leverage, still have a target market in mind and be conducted in a way that’s authentic to your personality and infused with your story.

When you can speak or present to a group, yet have individual audience members feel like you’re speaking directly to them… you’ve nailed it!

Presenting to colder audiences is a 6 & 7-figure professional skill that takes practice and mentorship from pros to learn.

I learned how to present from my mentor and business partner, Tim Erway. He’s still one of the best in the world at doing it.

He’s mentored countless leaders in this profession how to do sales presentations, effectively.

WARNING: Most network marketing company video presentations (done by company or most traditional leaders) for the product or opportunity are terrible, so I would not rely on them as stand alone tools unless the creator has ‘Direct Response’ sales background.

Doing LIVE presentations over and over again for your team will eventually cramp your style as you work to increase your time freedom.

So here’s what you can do as well…

Automated Inviting & Enrolling

When it comes to Direct Response Sales Skills…

Sales presentations can be recorded (from your live events or pre-recorded from the start) and used later in a more automated way by you or your team for ongoing enrollment opportunities.

If you have a “Funnel” created and prospects are flowing in everyday, there are 3 ways to present an offer to them, after they’ve opted in, in an automated way that can generate enrollments or auto-booked calls on your calendar with ready-to-enroll prospects 24/7…

Teaching Our Students About How Automating Enrollment Works

  1. Simulated Live Sales Presentations
  2. Sales Videos (aka Video Sales Letters)
  3. Sales Letters (aka Written Sales Letters)

The first one, Simulated Live Sales Presentations, is everything we just talked about with a LIVE Sales Presentation, but it’s pre-recorded, however to the attendee it seems like a live event.

The second one, is a video sales presentation where it’s obviously pre-recorded but crafted in a way to hook and keep the target prospects interested through the end until the offer/opportunity is presented.

The third one, is literally a written sales page, that shares everything a video sales letter or webinar presentation would share in a long written webpage, giving the prospect the ability to either read the entire letter or skim through it.

There are strengths and weaknesses to each approach, but all require training to execute effectively.

All 3 may be used to sell and qualify prospects into booking an enrollment conversation with you.

But like before, the colder the audience or the higher the price point, the more sophisticated the salesmanship (i.e. sales skills) needs to be. 

The Million Dollar Skill

Many people think that in order to automate lead generation or create leveraged sales online, the most important skill required would be tech skills or the ability to build a website, integrate an autoresponder, learn how to run ads on Google or Facebook, etc.

But that’s not the case. You can easily hire for that type of work to be done for you for very little overseas.

The most important skill any online entrepreneur can learn is the skill of COPYWRITING.

Copywriting is ‘salesmanship in print’ or ‘in words’. In fact, it’s the one skill that is used in every part of the Attraction Marketing process.

If you’ve created a high level of influence with your audience through daily social engagement, your copywriting skills might not need to be at a high level when making an offer to them.

The more automated or leveraged you want the process to be, the more you should consider getting trained in copywriting by a professional, as it’s not something that you will organically learn to do well.

Copywriting is used in everything… your social media posts, script ideas for your social videos, your FB Live topics, outlines, emails, written content, sales presentations, sales video scripts and especially sales letters.

The more you understand how to attract, influence & enroll through words (written or spoken), the more effective all communication you create will be, and the more successful you will become.

Copywriting is about understanding how humans make buying decisions or big commitments (like joining a team) by giving their mind the information it needs to make those decisions and commitments confidently with YOU, instead of with someone else.

For these reasons, it’s referred to by entrepreneurs as “The Million Dollar Skill”.

I owe the $40 Million + dollars my home businesses have earned over the past 17 years to this skill, which was taught to me by my mentors, Mike & Tim.

It has allowed me to efficiently and effectively communicate everything a prospect needs to know to invest their hard earned dollars with me to give me the opportunity to serve them.

It’s what’s allowed our students to create massive leverage in their network marketing and other businesses, to the tune of what is now over a Billion in sales, collectively among all of them.

If you remember from Day 1, this is also the skill combined with automation strategies, that was responsible for Tim enrolling over 1732 team members in 30 days, long before social media was a thing.

I cover this strategy in much greater detail inside the Attraction Marketing Formula course.

If you’d like to learn this and all the other skills required to attract, influence and enroll with increasing leverage & ease, then I highly recommend you do two things…

  1. Click here to grab your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula!
  2. Immediately after your purchase, book a FREE 1-on- Coaching Call with one of the leaders I've personally trained. They have nothing to sell you. Just value.

Immediately after your purchase, book a FREE 1-on-1 Coaching Call with one of the leaders I’ve personally trained. They have nothing to sell you. Just value.

Over 100,000 networkers have purchased this exact course and chosen to leave the world of prospecting behind and choose to passively attract, influence and enroll their perfect prospects.

For most network marketing training, enrolling is where the story ends, but not here.

We’ve covered Attract, Influence and Enroll!

But we still have Duplication to address.

However, this ain’t the traditional idea of duplication. That idea is corrupt and doesn’t work.

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about the 3 things you’ll want to have in place to drive compounding growth and duplication in your team and how to even duplicate yourself!

See you there!

Ferny Ceballos

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