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Liar, Liar Your Upline is on Fire

Why Cold Prospecting & Traditional Networking is NOT Duplicatable

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Why Cold Prospecting & Traditional Networking is NOT Duplicatable

Hey there!

My name is Ferny Ceballos, CMO of and welcome to Day 1 of your Digital Recruiting Bootcamp Video Series.

Today I want to make the case as to why Attraction Marketing is ethically and strategically superior to Cold Prospecting & Traditional Recruiting.

First a little about me and our team…

Ferny Ceballos is actually the birthplace of Attraction Marketing, which is continuing a legacy that started back in 2001 when my mentor and business partner, Tim Erway, first started using Attraction Marketing as a STRATEGY for building his network marketing business - 100% online.

Yes, I said 2-0-0-1! That was over 20 years ago!

In fact, his story of building a team of over 1,732 people in under 30 days, 100% online, is what created a massive backlash from the early deniers of Attraction Marketing.  

And he did it way before social media took hold and at the time it was an unbelievable feat, for someone that was building from scratch with a new company.

You might ask, how did he build online without social media?

Well that is one of the fascinating tidbits you have to look forward to learning over the course of this video series - especially if you are someone that is interested in building online while minimizing or even completely eliminating the time you spend on social media.

That’s a strategy you’ll be learning about later in this series.

Now the original founding of Attraction Marketing, as a training organization, was in 2005, by one of Tim’s students, Mike Dillard, who had became the #1 income earner in his company using high leverage online recruiting strategies.

The company back then was called “Magnetic Sponsoring” and that is when the Attraction Marketing Revolution began!!

Tim and Mike decided to become business partners the year after the company’s launch and that year is when I became a student of theirs.

From MIT Engineer to MLM Failure

In 2006, I had been in network marketing, building my business using home meetings, 1 on 1’s, hotel meetings, prospecting friends & family, prospecting random strangers in public for 9 months… trying to figure out a way to leave my Aerospace Engineering career…

I graduated from MIT with a degree in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering. I thought I was going to be set for life upon graduation.

But within 2 days of working as an Aerospace Engineer even though I was working on top secret space stuff for the military… I hated it and wanted out.

Working for the man… Driving 2+ hours in LA traffic per day… Waking up early… And even engineering itself was not something I wanted to do for the next 40 years. Yet I still wanted financial freedom and success!

In 2005, while attending USC grad school part time, I was invited to a meeting by classmate with other engineers, which I thought was going to be a mastermind on starting some tech company.

I was pretty much tricked into a meeting and I honestly hated everything that was shared that evening about network marketing, except one thing…

I had no other way out of my job and if there was even a small chance I could replace my income from work and create financial freedom, then I was gonna give it a shot.

So 2 weeks later I begrudgingly said ‘yes’ to network marketing.

And while I had some success doing things old school, I hated what I was having to do to build.

It was inauthentic, deceptive at times and highly inefficient. Driving cross town in LA traffic to meet 1 prospect, who might no-show me, was not my idea of fun.

And my team struggled and was not as motivated as me. They dealt with anger & rejection from prospects and they pretty quickly fizzled out and quit, leaving me as the only one standing.

That was a lesson in duplication that I didn’t realize until years later - if you want effortless and organic duplication, make sure you are teaching your team strategies for building, they will actually enjoy doing everyday.

Finding Attraction Marketing

Anyway, after most of my team quit… I was searching online for anything that might be able to help and I found Mike, Tim and their Attraction Marketing strategies.

Mike was the first to coin the term “attraction marketing” to describe this new way of building in network marketing.

BEWARE: Many old school recruiting leaders have recently adopted the ‘Attraction Marketing’ term to refer to any type of tactic for building MLM online, including inauthentic and deceptive ones like cold messaging, deceptive scripts and spam, but obviously that's not what Attraction Marketing is.

Those are just old school traditional tactics being applied online.  Let this Digital Recruiting Bootcamp Video Series serve as a guide as to what is and isn’t Attraction Marketing.

I was one of their first students of Mike & Tim and also one of the most successful among over one thousand 6, 7 & 8-Figure home business owners they ( and I… later on) would mentor via this community.

Within 2 years of being mentored by Mike & Tim, I was able to quit my job and hit 6 figures in my network marketing business shortly thereafter.

Attraction Marketing worked so well, I actually attracted 2 Seven Figure earners onto my team, who loved this new way I was building and they wanted to be a part of my team that was forward thinking.

mike dillard

Mike Dillard Interview with Ferny Ceabllos & Tim Erway at No Excuses Summit X (2019) | Las Vegas, NV

That tripled my income and was when I realized the potential of Attraction Marketing. Enrolling motivated team members is one thing, but effortlessly attracting 6 and 7-figure producers was a WOW moment in my career.

4 years after that, I had my first 7-figure year and today my online businesses have generated over $40 Million in gross income, using the skills I first discovered in 2006.

In 2014, Mike Dillard retired from network marketing and I was asked by Tim Erway to become a partner in what is today,

Same community, same system and same superior strategy for building a network marketing team online continues to live here, with new 6 & 7-figure earners being crowned every year.

Over 90% of online top earners, who seem to be omnipresent on social media, who have built their businesses online, are either our students, students of our students or the students of our students’ students and so on!

Some of our top students at our live event

6 & 7-Figure Belt Award Winners for 2022

And as you might have guessed, the people we like to help are highly motivated networkers who have a desire to build a 6-Figure income or higher in this profession while leaving old school inauthentic strategies behind and build online in a leveraged way.  

If you are only in this to make an extra $1,000 per month… we are probably not a fit.

But if you are motivated to make 6-figures in your business, then the first thing you need to learn is the difference between Attraction Marketing and Traditional Prospecting & Recruiting (i.e. Old School).

Attraction Marketing vs Old School Prospecting

We don’t teach “prospecting” here at Attraction Marketing, because…

     a) it’s usually a very inauthentic, selfish and deceptive tactic as it’s used by most and…

     b) it is a very difficult skill to learn & master (i.e. not duplicatable)

Yup, I said it! Cold prospecting is NOT duplicatable, contrary to what you are constantly told.  

Let me start with the selfish and deceptive part first.

Deception and Selfishness

Usually, when you are taught cold prospecting or making a list of 100 or “piquing” the interest of your friends or family with coy little text messages… you are doing it for the sole purpose of building YOUR business.

You might be thinking, “Well duh, Ferny! Why else would I do it?”

Here’s the problem though…

It doesn’t start with the people you want to help, why they need your help or what their needs are. It starts with YOUR needs.

When your upline has to make a list of 100, he doesn’t care what their personal situation is, their needs, their problems, etc. He or she simply tells you to write a list of everyone you know so you can prospect or send a launch party invite to them for the business or product.

Again, it starts with your needs, not the prospect’s needs. And that’s the reason you are scared to approach them because you are focused on what’s in it for you and you struggle with what to say to them, especially when they ask questions about the “invite” because that’s not how we authentically operate.

Usually, on a normal day, when we approach a friend about sharing something of value, it’s because we think they’ll like it or need it or can help them, because of what we know about THEM. As a result, we know they’ll be excited to hear more and usually are!

When you are prospecting a stranger in public or prospecting your waitress, or cold messaging people on social media or whatever… The only reason you are doing that… which you normally would not do… is because you are trying to take an action to build your business.

You want to get that person to take the next step in the sales process because you’re desperate to make this work and put money in your pocket, and helping them is at best, an afterthought.

And admit this to yourself, if you were not building a network marketing business, you probably would not be talking up that waitress or sending that cold message to a prospect online, would ya?

It’s inauthentic, it’s deceptive because you are not being upfront about your intentions (i.e. you got a hidden agenda) and it’s selfish for all the reasons I mentioned.

Some say it’s a Mindset issue and that you need to think about the life you’re about to change when you prospect them… blah blah… kumbaya...

Let’s face it, when you're broke, or wanting to make money fast… it’s almost impossible to be in the service based mindset to do this strategy effectively, because:

     a) on the inside you really don’t want to do it but do it cause it’s serving your needs

     b) you are full of doubt & lack conviction because you’re not even sure it will work for you

     c) it’s mentally exhausting cause you have to do it over and over again everyday, multiple times a day and
    d) it usually results in your creeping people out and being dishonest with them as to the TRUE purpose for you making the invite.

They can smell the commission breath on you!

Thus, Network Marketing has 100% earned its reputation and it’s not just due to shady practices… It’s also due to shitty training…

Traditional Network Marketing Done Right is Sales

I mentioned a phrase above. Not sure if you caught it. I said, “Sales Process”.

Prospecting and the entire recruitment process that is normally (and poorly) taught in network marketing is SALES. Period.

Have you ever heard, “It’s not selling. It’s sharing.” That’s the same lie I was told.

Truth is, you are being asked to deploy a ‘Sales Process’ for building your business, but you are never told it’s sales and you are not trained effectively on how to do sales.

Instead of the word sales, they use the word “prospecting” or “recruiting” or “sharing”.

If old school leaders actually labeled what they were teaching you as “sales” and actually taught you REAL sales skills, I’d totally be fine with it!  

I have no problem with sales!

It’s an awesome skill to have and amazingly effective for building influence and trust in a short period of time, which is exactly what is needed from when you first talk with a prospect to signing them up.

But if your upline actually told most of their team what they were being taught & the skills they’d have to learn to succeed and the work & dedication that it would take to master… most would quit, because the business was presented as easy, simple and “duplicatable”.

What’s funny is the Mindset issue around focusing on “changing someone’s life” when prospecting is actually taught in sales training! But since you aren’t taught sales, how would you know how to do that?

The Duplication Lie

They tell you to talk to more prospects and bring more people to presentations or invite them to a FB Group. But they hardly ever teach you HOW, which is idiotic to me.

The truth is, the skills someone has to learn to be successful at traditional network marketing are NOT duplicatable by THEIR own definition of “duplicatable”.

“Duplicatable” in traditional networking is meant to be something anyone without skills can do.  But that’s the exact opposite of what traditional prospecting is.

Prospecting is hard, especially without effective training. Dealing with rejection is hard. Objection handling is hard. Repairing or protecting personal relationships is hard.  It gets easier with skills, though.

The truth is, if you want to build a 6-figure business, you gotta become a professional, invest in yourself time and money to learn six figure skills - either marketing, sales or both!

And if most top earners revealed what they had to do to get to where they are at, most probably wouldn’t join.

Leaders at the top of the MLM pyramid chose to become a professional in SALES & LEADERSHIP, but don’t tell you what it requires to get there.

Choosing Attraction Marketing Instead of Sales

After I found this community and attraction marketing… Learning hardcore sales didn’t make sense to me.

Instead, I worked hard to learn Attraction Marketing, which fit my introverted personality way better!

But if sales had been the only way to build this business, I would have learned it, mastered it, done it, and taught my team because I really wanted to fire my boss and be free.

attraction marketing

By lying to people about the nature of traditional network marketing, they are doing a real disservice to people both in and outside of network marketing.

In business, there are only 2 ways to sell something that is not a commodity. A commodity being something like toilet paper, toothpaste, paper towels, soda, etc. where its value is obvious by just looking at it.

The more common something is, the more commoditized it becomes and the more people are likely to make decisions to buy based on price.

Usually these things are advertised via Brand Advertising or by simply sitting on store shelves.  You see it and you’ll know immediately whether you need it or not.

Something like a business opportunity and most MLM company products, which might need an explanation on its value and how it helps with a particular set of problems, needs to be sold either via:

A Sales Strategy, which we just talked about…

Or via a leveraged selling strategy known as “Direct Response Marketing”.

Direct Response has existed for about 100 years, designed to give a new business with an innovative product, but whose value is not obvious by looking at it, a way to market at the lowest marketing budget possible to out compete against bigger brands.

Direct Response + Internet = Attraction Marketing

Direct Response Marketing, applied to network marketing online, is what my mentor, Mike, coined as “Attraction Marketing”, in 2005.

Attraction Marketing starts with a targeted strategy for attracting your ‘ideal perfect prospect’ by distributing ads or content that directly reaches and speaks to the people whose problems & outcomes are solved & achieved by what you offer.

“Targeted” literally means “EVERYONE is NOT Your Prospect”, if you want to do Attraction Marketing, in lieu of Sales.

Your product MIGHT help everyone, but that’s not how you market it, unless you have tens of millions of dollars in brand advertising dollars to spend.

Defining a “Target Market” or “Niche” is what allows you to target your ads or content so it’s seen exclusively by the people who are already seeking solutions to particular problems you can help them with.

This design process is what we’ll be covering tomorrow.

If you want to learn the skills of “Attraction Marketing”, this video series will get you started and provide valuable insight, but if you’re serious about building a 6-figure business…

Then start your training by grabbing your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula course!

It walks you through exactly how I built my business and what we have taught to over 1,000 6, 7 and 8 figure earners and also includes a free 1-on-1 coaching call with a leader I’ve personally trained to help you get started.

It will be a great investment in yourself!

See you tomorrow!

Ferny Ceballos

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”In the Past 13 Months, My Team Has Gone from Zero to 3,537 Business Builders and 6.8M in Sales Volume”

Since finding the Attraction Marketing Formula, I’ve ranked advanced 10 times, personally recruited 34 business builders, which exploded into massive duplication after teaching my team attraction marketing strategies!

My team has done over 6.8M in sales volume, produced 3 six figure earners and put me in the top 20 position in my company.

—Jessica Davis

"#1 Enrollers in Our Company & Top Producers in Less Than 3 Years, After Years of Struggle Talking to Strangers"

We were the definition of a struggling networker – living in Whit’s mom’s basement with two young boys, barely able to afford bread. From AM, we learned how to quickly rank advance and become #1 enrollers and we haven’t had to cold prospect a single person – online or offline – in 3 years.

—Whit & Cari Higham