Day 2

Everyone is NOT Your Prospect

How to Zero In on the Prospects Whom are Already Primed to Say YES!

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How to Zero In on the Prospects Whom are Already Primed to Say YES!

Hey there!

So yesterday we talked about the difference between:

Sales (i.e. Prospecting & Traditional Recruiting)


Attraction Marketing!

Today, I am going to share a lesson on one of the most critical things you gotta do first to make Attraction Marketing work and that’s “Choosing Your Target Market”!

NETWORK Marketing

To do this, I need to talk about NETWORK Marketing first. With an emphasis on the “NETWORK” part of it.

The word “network” in network marketing can be referencing 2 things, both of which are important when building your business:

  • A Personal Network (i.e. Your Warm Market)
  • Your Team or Downline (i.e. Your Sales Network)

When it comes to traditional network marketing, your personal network is usually talked about in the context of something to get you started, but almost never as a part of your long term strategy. (I think this is a mistake as you’ll soon see, but I’m not talking about friends and family.)

After you burn through your warm market, you begin Cold Market Prospecting, which is one of the hardest sales strategies to do and get good at.

The problem with Prospecting (i.e. Selling) - especially with no real skill development - is that it’s a churn and burn model, where you meet/prospect someone, book an appointment, present, objection handle, etc.

If you are bad at this and even if you are good at this, there will be a lot of rejection and very little opportunity to follow up because you’ll have pissed off or turned off your prospect because of the deceptive or inauthentic process you used to begin the relationship.

When they find out you’re in an MLM after jumping through multiple steps to finally arrive at this fact, they will be pissed.

So your warm market is completely tapped (not growing) and you’re just hoping to recruit enough of the people you cold prospect, so that your downline grows and you then hope that your team members can recruit enough people before they themselves quit, right?.

Notice how the focus of everything I’ve described is always on growing your team, but that IS NOT the network you need to be focused on growing, if you want to enroll a lot of customers or team members.

Yes, I know this sounds like crazy talk, but hear me out…

Growing a Warm Market Who Are Actively Seeking What You Offer

The focus of Attraction Marketing is first primarily focused on Growing Your Personal Network!

If you learn how to Attract people to you and you lead with value upon their first interactions with you (instead of trying to push them through your shitty sales/recruiting process), that new person will continue to follow you or stay connected with you.

You are of value to them, therefore they join your personal network i.e. warm market!

Before the internet, even if you operated authentically, you had to maintain these relationships through relentless phone follow-up, but social media and email automation have made the maintenance of this network more passive!

Tomorrow I’ll be talking about HOW people might find you, but for argument’s sake, let’s say that people find you and they are so compelled by the value you are providing, they choose to follow you, friend you or even reach out…

Then that is not only growing your network, but if they continue to receive value from you, your influence with your network will grow!

Personal Brand = Size x Influence with that Network

A Network or Personal Brand is valuable because when you recommend something (even if it requires money or effort), people in your network will seriously consider it because they perceive you as someone whose suggestions or recommendations will improve their lives!

There is one caveat, your network is not and should not be for everybody.

The trick to attracting and building influence with a growing network is to focus on helping people solve a very specific set of problems and achieving certain outcomes.

The people in your network need to have:

Similar Interests…
Similar Problems…
Similar Fears…
Similar Wants/Desires…
Similar Dreams…

So that your ads, content and communication to them feels like it’s addressing their most pressing and urgent needs and problems, while also getting to know you personally.

This is literally the same as growing a NEW WARM MARKET, who go beyond the friends & family you started with.

Let’s face it, when most of us got started in network marketing, we tried to market to our networks (warm market), but if we are honest, most of our personal networks suck!

Potentially weighed down by the identity of whom you were to them before you got into network marketing.

Building a new warm market, allows us to redefine ourselves and be leaders to a countless number of people who need your help and not only allows you to build a network or a warm market, but you can build community.

Target Market => Community => Effortless Enrollment

A group of people with similar problems, fears, wants, desires and dreams is what professional entrepreneurs call a “Target Market” or “Niche”.

Ideally, you want alignment between your Target Market and what you Offer. Which means, what you are selling helps to solve the problems & achieve the outcomes your target market wants.

This makes building a community (i.e. following or audience) and the offer for enrollment into what you offer, almost effortless!

The bigger your community and the greatest the trust, the more focused the message, the better the results.

Trying to speak to everyone or convince them what you have is for them, dilutes your message, and doesn’t make people feel like you are catering to their needs.

The clarity that someone has around a particular challenge, problem, how it’s impacting them and actively seeking solutions, is someone I want to help and will more easily enroll because they are ready for solutions and are looking for someone to trust - YOU!

The 4 Fundamental Skills of Attraction Marketing

Defining a target market is one of the most challenging things to arrive at and usually not what you think it will be when you come from a traditional prospecting paradigm.

Getting this right is the secret sauce which makes Attraction Marketing almost effortless.

Once you have clarity on your target market, that will directly influence your messaging in everything else you’ll be deploying to attract and enroll people from your new warm market. 

Now how you accomplish all this involves 4 skills you’ll need to commit to learning and we’ll be covering in this Digital Recruiting Bootcamp Video Series:

     Skill #1: Audience Attraction
     Skill #2: Authentic Influence
     Skill #3: Effortless Enrollment
     Skill #4: Systems & Duplication

And each of these fundamental skills, you’ll have 3 distinct ways to perform each, with increasing levels of leverage and sophistication:

Active → Leveraged → Automated

Tomorrow we’ll be starting with the 3 ways to attract target prospects to you online!

To get serious about learn the 4 skills of Attraction Marketing and explore target markets that are proven to work…

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You’ll be glad you did!

See you tomorrow!

Ferny Ceballos

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