Day 3

3 Proven Ways to Attract Your Perfect Prospects

And How I Attracted an Audience of Over 500,000 Followers

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And How I Attracted an Audience of Over 500,000 Followers

Hey there!

Yesterday we talked about why EVERYONE is NOT YOUR PROSPECT and why you need to define a Target Market or Niche!

In fact, it’s impossible to do profitable marketing without knowing WHO you want your message to reach and get them to respond.

For example, if you are someone who has struggled to lose weight, which of these marketing messages is likely to connect with you more effectively:

  Message 1: Benefit from science backed natural wellness & improve your health

  Message 2: Get fit and lose weight in the New Year! Click here to learn how

  Message 3: The real reason 70% of Americans struggle to lose weight and why it’s not your fault…

Notice that message 1 is written in an attempt to appeal to anyone interested in improving their health and in an attempt to appeal to everyone, it appeals to no one. Easily ignored.

Message 2 is a little better, but in a competitive market this will get lost in a sea of other weight loss messages.

Specificity & Value

However, notice how Message 3 is speaking directly to the struggle of losing weight.

This message is not just appealing to people who want to lose weight, but to those who have attempted to lose weight and failed over and over again.

And notice how it’s confirming a suspicion in this group of people that struggle with losing weight.

“It’s not your fault” is alluding to the ‘secret thought’ most people who struggle with their weight have:

“Why is it that my friend/spouse eats the same thing I do, but they lose weight and I can’t?”

In order to have written Message 3, it a) requires an intimate knowledge of this particular group of people in the weight loss market and b) is a much more narrow (but still very big) market!

The more specific you can be relating to the challenges people are having in a market, the more the message will resonate.

Also, Message 3 is the only message that is offering to teach or provide insight before pitching anything. The other 2 are straight up pitches

This is the reason honing in your target market and narrowing is so important. It allows you to still connect with potentially millions of people and hit them right between the eyes!

It will almost feel like you are reading their minds.

Whether you’re having a 1-on-1 conversation, a IG Reel or an Ad they see online, it will cause people to lean in and want to learn more about what YOU have to share!

They won’t care about what you’re selling until they care about what you have to say!

Read that last line again and tattoo it into your brain, because it will change your life.

It will transform your entire approach to attracting and influencing people on social media or off social media.

There are Only 3 Proven Ways to Attract Targeted Prospects

Now when it comes to HOW you deliver your initial message for attracting your ideal perfect prospect, there are only 3 ways:

  1. Active Attraction
  2. Leveraged Attraction
  3. Automated Attraction 

Let’s start with…

Active Attraction

Active Attraction is for the most part a time intensive activity.

“Active” meaning activity is what produces the results. No activity, no results.

Another term for this is Social Engagement, whether it's via social media or offline and you’ll be investing your time connecting with people in communities and being helpful.

(BTW, this is not prospecting. Prospecting is approaching everyone with a hidden agenda with the intention of getting them to a presentation and to enroll without your intentions being known up front.)

With this type of social engagement, your only intention is to make a new friend or connection, provide insight and make it the other person’s choice to stay connected with you or follow you.

That’s the RESULT you care about. Attraction is not something you can force.

All you care about at this point is to grow your network of like minded people, whom you may be able to help in the future, (i.e. your new warm market).

You don’t care about enrolling them into anything.

Take any fantasy of getting this person to watch a whiz bang presentation that’s going to get them excited and become your next big leader, out of your mind.

That’s the thinking of a selfish MLM prick, who again is only thinking of what’s in it for them.

Network Marketing’s reputation is well deserved and changing this profession and its reputation starts with changing how people do network marketing.

All you're trying to do is grow your network, so this becomes your new warm market.

The next way to do attraction online is via…

Leveraged Attraction

Leveraged Attraction is a strategy for attracting many people, more passively.

When I was learning Attraction Marketing, my mentors referred to this as “Content Marketing”.

Content Marketing is literally when you create content that gets published online and eventually seen by others, who consume the content and choose to follow you so they can see what other insights you might be able to provide.

This has existed for as long as there’s been an internet. In years past, this has been done via articles, blogging and publishing videos on YouTube.

Today, this strategy has gotten new life through the advent of micro video content like TikTok, IG/FB Reels and YouTube Shorts!

But whatever the form, all are forms of ‘Content Marketing’ and each have their pros and cons.

Articles, Blogging and YouTube videos are types of content that, if well done, can live on and be found for months or years to come and attract, on an on-going basis.

TikToks, Reels or Shorts are distributed to hundreds of people immediately by those social platforms, and if well done, can be exposed to hundreds, thousands or even millions of people in a relatively short period of time.

However, exposure to this type of content tends to decay a lot faster.

Both require an investment of time, but leverage comes from the quality and you can’t expect every piece of content to be a homerun.

You’ll have many strikeouts, ground outs & fly outs. Some singles, doubles, triples and the occasional homerun.

That’s par for the course and this strategy absolutely requires dedication, consistency and practice, but so worth the effort.

The 3rd and final way to attract your perfect prospects to you is my personal favorite…

Automated Attraction

Automation usually requires the utilization of machines and systems.

That’s exactly what we are doing here.

The “machines & systems” are software platforms provided to us by social platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and others.

What am I talking about? I’m talking about Advertising.

Think of it like a secret feature literally everyone can tap into on any of these platforms, to make their business lives 1000% easier, as long as you’re willing to invest a little bit of money to get started.

Most people, especially in network marketing, shy away from ads because they are afraid of losing money doing it.

And while doing advertising poorly without any prior training is foolish and likely will lead to you losing money, doing it the way we teach can actually result in you GETTING PAID to run ads.

This is one of the secret strategies most leaders you see online openly do, hidden in plain sight, but seldomly teach!

Advertising and leading with the “right product” (instead of the opportunity) actually allows you to ramp up the growth of your followers faster, because product sales off-set the ad costs.

Customers willing to invest in themselves make much better prospects and allow you to rapidly grow a community of people who will be open to anything else you recommend (i.e. your opportunity).

Take what we are doing with this Bootcamp Video Series. 1 out of every 10 people who request access to this bootcamp, will invest in paid courses & training we offer and their lives are better for it.

That covers the cost of our advertising and I have the opportunity to earn the trust and build a relationship with thousands of people every single month for FREE, rapidly growing the Attraction Marketing Community.

Do I lay awake at night, worrying about those that did not invest in AMF? Nope.

I’m grateful for those that do as I have an opportunity to invest more deeply with them in their development and they provide me with the opportunity to invest in more advertising so I may reach more people who need our help.

If you’re like me and not a fan of spending a lot of time on social media, this is going to be something you want to commit to learning as your impact can grow exponentially!

Maybe it’s not the first thing you deploy, but it should be something you aspire to start doing as soon as possible.

Regardless of what Attraction Strategy you’re deploying… referring back to Message #3, notice how this particular message can be a part of the beginning of a 1-on-1 conversation, a social post or the title of a piece of content or the headline of an Advertisement…

This message works & attracts via all communication mediums, which is no accident.

Remember, when it comes to Attraction Marketing, what matters is the message and has to be tuned into your Target Market’s radio frequency - WIIFM! (What’s In It For Me?)

Losing My Social Following of Over 500,000 Followers

Now I’m going to share something, but this is not an argument against Active Attraction (Social Engagement) or Leveraged Attraction (Content Marketing) on social media.

I’ve done and been highly successful at both and continue to do both.

My first 6 figures in the network marketing profession, I earned primarily through Social Engagement and Content Marketing on a social platform that is no longer around.

Our Live Streaming Crew at a Recent In-Person Event

Before its demise, I had ATTRACTED a following of over 500,000 followers.

As you can imagine, that was a pretty valuable following and losing that following taught me a lesson on what I own and don’t own.

I didn’t own that platform and when they went out of business, I lost that marketing channel.

Fortunately, I was already doing something that made me immune to such potentially catastrophic events and I was able to keep my following and continued to enroll customers and team members from that following.

This is something everyone can do in addition to all social strategies and I’ll be talking about it tomorrow, as we get started on the 2nd skill of Attraction Marketing - Influence!

To go deep on how to design content & advertising in a way that attracts people who are actively looking for solutions to problems your offer solves…

Click here to grab your copy of the Attraction Marketing Formula!

It’s been read by over 100,000 networkers who have chosen to leave the world of prospecting behind and choose to passively attract their perfect prospects

I’ll see you tomorrow where I’ll share with you how I recovered from losing a social following of over 500,000 people and it wasn’t even a big deal. LOL

Talk soon!

Ferny Ceballos

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Vincenzo Sannipoli

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I've also been able to grow one of the biggest brands in network marketing and grown a social following of over 89,000 people.

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