Day 6 - BONUS

Compounding Growth with Digital Duplication Systems

How to Scale Your Income & Team While Creating a 4-Hour Work Week

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How to Scale Your Income & Team While Creating a 4-Hour Work Week

Hey there!

Well you’ve made it!

I know I said this would be a 5 Day Bootcamp Video Series, but there is one more topic that I think would be of immense value and is a HUGE missing in network marketing, especially for leaders.

That topic is on Digital Duplication Systems, with the goal of essentially AUTOMATING most of your business, including the support for your team.

This sounds like fantasy land, but is absolutely possible where you can step back and play a supportive role with your team, working max 3-4 hours per week and have your team continue to grow.

One of our students Bec, after starting from scratch with a brand new company 5 years ago, now has a 7-figure business which only requires 3-4 hours per week of her time to operate and her team size has grown at the following pace:

Year 1: 1,000
Year 2: 5,000
Year 3: 10,000
Year 4: 15,000
Year 5: 25,000

7-Figure Earner, Bec, Speaking at One of Our Recent Events

Before I taught her about Digital Duplication Systems, she was working 16 hour days to maintain a team of 500 people. She had crushed the attract, influence and enroll part of the equation and personally enrolled over 300 out of the 500 people onto her team, but she was the only leader supporting the team with no systems.

Her business was at 6-figures by that point, but she was burning out. I knew exactly what she needed and over 1 year I mentored her on how to set-up these systems.

As her team continued to grow, the time she was working on her business significantly went down over that year. By the end of year 1, she was under 10 hours per week and today is 3-4 hours per week.

Bec was very fortunate. Most leaders never figure this out and continue to work crazy hours to maintain a 6, multiple 6 or even 7-figure income. If they stop working, get sick, go on vacation, etc. their incomes will plummet.

So regardless of what stage you are in your business, you are going to need to understand the steps that one needs to go through to start creating these systems, bit by bit.

Duplication Starts with Loving the Business

As I’ve mentioned before, it is an uphill battle to have duplication in your team, if people hate what they have to do to build.

So you want duplication to be first organically driven by your team’s genuine enjoyment of the business building process, which means teaching your team Attraction Marketing.

I’ve seen inauthentic and deceptive business practices duplicate, but these organizations are usually led by a super inspirational and cult-of-personality leader who knows how to brainwash people into doing things they really don’t want to do through hypey rah rah motivational events.

Sometimes they will even infuse religion as part of their brainwashing strategy saying things like “God wants you to build this business. He’s made it your destiny.”

Motivation and faith definitely have their place in our lives, but if your entire leadership strategy is to invoke hype and God to make up for crappy systems, training and tactics, then that's just evil & blasphemous in my book.

This would be from “Book of Ferny, Chapter 3, Verse 16” in case you’re wondering. ;-)

Vision and Motivation

That being said, inspiring your team and believing in them is a key part of leadership. When your team is small, you gotta be able to communicate with your team and the skills they need to learn and implement, in the context of their goals and dreams.

Anytime you coach someone, you should start with asking them about their goals, dreams and any challenges they are currently facing. This way any coaching you do, is in the context of them achieving those goals and dreams and solving their problems.

That ignites internal motivation to do the work they need to do, because even if Attraction Marketing is more enjoyable than old school methods, it will become even more enjoyable and effortless, when they look forward to the outcomes they are working towards.

In fact, that’s pretty much what an Enrollment Conversation is. It’s to “ignite” internal motivation to take that next step with a high level of commitment.

Doing this will help your team members create a vision for what’s possible in their lives. You need to learn to infuse elements of an enrollment conversation into your coaching to keep that internal fire lit.

Eventually, you’ll be doing this with your Leaders and teaching your leaders how to coach in the exact same way. More on coaching Leaders later.

Onboarding or Launch Systems

Usually when people think of “onboarding systems” people think of getting someone signed up, learn about the comp plan, the products, the company, get familiar with your backoffice, etc.

Those are important, but not the most important thing.

Once someone has enrolled with you, your #1 goal should be to help your new team member get results within 14 days of enrolling.

Usually this is with getting their first customers from their existing warm market, because that’s more achievable than recruiting someone from their warm market.

But this is not the “Make a List of 100” strategy and send them creepy messages.

Using social media, we can actually design a series of “Launch Posts” intended to attract people within your existing friends & followers to raise their hand and express interest in what you offer.

The message in these posts needs to appeal to the people in your target market, who are already in your warm market! If there are friends & followers who have problems or desired outcomes you can help with, the post will draw them closer to you and everyone else won’t really care, which is fine.

I’ve had students of mine generate 40+ customers from their launch posts in under 2 weeks, upon joining a new company. And this was after they did everything totally wrong online and been in a bunch of other MLM’s.

If you’ve already burned relationships through your prior MLM ventures and you think people will ignore your posts, your Launch Posts should address this past behavior, take ownership and even apologize for it, (we call this a “Social Reboot”), so you can clear the air and open people up again.

The skill of copywriting, keeping your target market in mind and using your own personal story are key to a successful launch.

Obviously, you gotta know how to do this launch or reboot process for yourself and does require coaching in the context of your company and/or product.

Once you’ve done that, you’ll also want to create templates that future team members can use, so they can model your launch process and you’ll need to walk them through it as they join and help them launch.

Identifying and Developing Leaders

With just what I covered, an enjoyable building process, igniting motivation with your team and onboarding processes, you’ll be ahead of 90% of leaders in network marketing.

That being said, Network Marketing is about creating leverage and growing your team, but the size of your team won’t matter if you don’t have Builders and Leaders.

Builders are the people that are willing to work through the launch process, enrolling people and walking their new team members through the launch process.

Leaders are the Builders you choose to directly work with and develop their ability to train & mentor their Builders. The qualifications or criteria you use to choose them is completely up to you.

Leaders aren’t just people doing a lot of volume or have big businesses. They need to be a culture fit and represent the values you want exemplified in your organization.

These Leaders will be the people you will spend most of your time with and you’ll require them to be responsible for your team and leading them.

Eventually, you’ll be teaching these Leaders to identify their own group of Leaders in the same way you did.

There will be rules & requirements you’ll set so they may maintain their “inner circle” status with you, or risk losing this privilege.

This will foster a Culture of Ownership and Performance for your Builders & Leaders.

You are still nice to everyone and love everyone at any level they are at and if someone is happy making $1,000 per month and satisfied, awesome!

They still get to be a part of the team community, all team training and team events.

They just won’t qualify for your time or the time of your Leaders when it comes to personal mentorship for the business.

This was the single biggest shift I had Bec incorporate in her business, which freed up her time and also made the time she did spend with her team pay dividends.

When you view your time the same way you view money, how and with whom you invest it, will transform for the better!

Digital Duplication Systems

In Network Marketing, there is a lot of talk about systems and claims by leaders & companies that they have “amazing systems”, but most fall short of creating the duplication they promise.

And most are outdated teaching old school tactics or overload the training delivered through these systems with a lot of hype and motivational stories.

But even leaders who are teaching Attraction Marketing, often have a massive library of training they’ve done in the past, but it isn’t organized or accessible to their team members in an easy to find format, which is equivalent to having never recorded the training if it can’t be found.

In this modern era, to me, Team Training Systems or “Digital Duplication Systems” first of all need to be online, they need to be searchable, organized and lessons need to be available to people as they need it and when they need it.

As your team members rank advance… they should be getting access to training that meets them at their level, teaching them the skills they need as they need them.

How you train someone starting the Onboarding Process is 100% different from how you train a Leader you just tapped on the shoulder and invited to your inner circle.

These systems will not just be leveraged by you but by your Leaders too, which frees them from having to repeat themselves or need you to repeat yourself since they can always reference the system in the training.

I’m currently personally mentoring six different 6 & 7-Figure earners in network marketing through Executive Level Coaching we offer.

The cool thing is I’m leveraging a Coaching Curriculum and Training Systems, we’ve developed over the past 15 years as we mentor them as well.

Instead, repeating myself 6 times in introducing a new idea to them, I point them to what training to review & implement before our next coaching session. And they have access to training & tools that other lower level students don’t have access to.

They go through the training, implement and I can coach them through what they’ve already implemented and improve upon it, instead of teaching a skill from scratch. 

What To Do Next

So if you are a leader with a team who got off to a strong start, but has been stagnant for a few months or years, now that you’ve gone through this, what might be missing for you?

If you once had a team but everyone quit, what do you think was missing for you?

If you’ve had leaders leave your team and join other teams in another company, what do they offer that you were missing?

If you are a newbie or have struggled to get any traction, what’s your biggest takeaway from the past 6 days?

Whatever insights or aha’s you’ve gotten from what I’ve shared throughout this bootcamp series, I thank you for trusting me enough to get this far.

When I found my mentors, Mike & Tim, the most important insight I got from going through the initial information they gave me was simple:


Trying to do it alone, doing more trial and error and doing what I was doing before was not going to work.

So I needed to do something completely different from what I’d done in the past.

Therefore, I humbled my big MIT Engineer ego, I invested with Attraction Marketing and my life changed forever.

The 10% Rule

Leaders stay humble and are always open to new and different ideas. Leaders invest the equivalent of 10% of the income level they want to achieve in the next 12 months.

For example, if your goal is to earn 6-figures within the next 12 months, be ready and willing to invest at least $10k to achieve that. $10k is a one time investment, but the 6-figures you’ll earn from that will be annual!

If you’re a leader and looking to grow to $500k per year, then you do the math on that one.

When I was making $25k per year in my business, I invested $60k to be mentored by 7-figure leaders in this profession in 2008.

In 2009, I had my first $700,000 income month 9 months later, as a direct result of that mentorship! I was aggressive and most importantly, believed in myself.

That’s where my 10% rule comes from.

It comes from what I was willing to invest in myself early in my career. Today multiple 6 figures per year is what I continue to invest in our business, as my income goals continue to grow.

So if I’m being honest, trying to figure out a way to make 6 figures without investing in yourself in something like the Attraction Marketing Formula, is pretty silly to me.

You’re likely not going to be the exception to the rule. The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.

So what are you waiting for?

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Over 100,000 networkers have purchased this exact course and chosen to leave the world of prospecting behind and choose to passively attract, influence and enroll their perfect prospects.

We are here to help you grow YOUR business!

I look forward to the opportunity.

See you soon,

Ferny Ceballos

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